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  The CAHSEE Blueprint Software 

The CAHSEE Blueprint companion software offers randomly generated quizzes to accompany each of the 30 lessons in the book, as well as complete 80-question California High School Exit Exams.

  CAHSEE:   80-Question Practice CAHSEE  
  Lesson 1:   Mean, Median, and Mode  
  Lesson 2:   Calculating Probability  
  Lesson 3:   Reading Charts and Graphs  
  Lesson 4:   Scatterplots and Median  
  Lesson 5:   Properties of Circles  
  Lesson 6:   Rectangles and Triangles  
  Lesson 7:   Cross Products  
  Lesson 8:   Scale Proportions  
  Lesson 9:   Measurement Conversions  
  Lesson 10:   Arithmetic and Negatives  
  Lesson 11:   Fractions and Percent  
  Lesson 12:   Percent of a Number  
  Lesson 13:   Simple Interest  
  Lesson 14:   Percent Change  
  Lesson 15:   Add and Subtract Fractions  
  Lesson 16:   Order of Operations & Absolute Value  
  Lesson 17:   Scientific Notation  
  Lesson 18:   Translating Algebraic Expressions  
  Lesson 19:   Understanding and Translating Inequalities  
  Lesson 20:   Square Roots  
  Lesson 21:   Multiplying Variable Expressions  
  Lesson 22:   Solving Equations by Substitution  
  Lesson 23:   Inequalities and Absolute Value  
  Lesson 24:   Slope-Intercept Graphing  
  Lesson 25:   Solving Proportion Word Problems  
  Lesson 26:   Distributive Property  
  Lesson 27:   Pythagorean Theorem  
  Lesson 28:   Identifying Common Graphs  
  Lesson 29:   Eliminating Bad Answers  
  Lesson 30:   Solve by Sketching  

The CAHSEE Blueprint practice software provides an expanded problem bank to accompany each of the lessons in The CAHSEE Blueprint study guide, as well as an unlimited number of randomly generated 80-question practice exit exams.

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